Base & Insert Pad – 29cm


Adjustable “Base & Insert” cloth pad with PUL – suitable for regular to heavy flow.

This style of pad is good for those who experience gender dysphoria as they look less like a typical pad and the inserts look like they could be just a face-washer.

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Length:  Approx 29cm Long
Snapped Width: 6-6.75cm (2 settings)
Absorbency: Adjustable – Regular (1 insert) or heavy (2 inserts)

Base Topper (Skin side): Black Suedecloth
Inserts: 2 layers flannelette (Trifold)
Waterproofing: PUL
Backing: Cotton

This set includes a waterproofed base pad, with 2 removable foldup inserts that sit on top of the base (tucked into the pocket ends).  This system allows you to use 1 insert for regular flow  (with 2 insert changes per set) or use 2 inserts together for heavy flow.